Geography Field Trip to Wellington


Last week 32 Geographers showed their dedication to the cause by beginning their second term a day sooner than everyone else. Some even returned from intercontinental travels to join us just in time! The intrepid group traveled to Wellington for the 6th urban geography research trip to our nation's capital, with both year 12 and year 13 classes in search of the answers to their research questions. The most eclectic collection of topics ever were the focus for the more experienced students, including spatial patterns in the coffee scene and location influences for street performers, while the GEO2 group focused their attention on the change processes that have transformed the Wellington waterfront into a focal point for the city. No matter the subject of the research, all students more than made up for missing the Garin Fun Run on the Wednesday with the kilometers they walked, or in some cases ran if respondents or slow juice-bar service made it necessary. Everyone crammed in a huge amount of work, leaving only a little time to catch up with recently graduated Garin alumni.