Year 10 Journey


Monday 19 March. Woo Hoo! I‟m so excited! Everyone‟s getting ready to have the times of their lives, playing fun games, chilling out at the beach, eating loads of yummy kai! Everybody has packed a whole load of clothes, togs and scroggin. As all the students gather for the final briefing we are all praying for fantastic, hot blossoming weather for the awesome short little holiday we‟re about break open.  Day 1: we rush onto the bus trying to get the best seats. Stopping at Kaiteri beach we meet the Waka ama crew. They told us about the waka and about Maori culture. We were off like a flash, the cold water splashing in our faces make our spines quiver, pausing our paddling at Split Apple rock.  Day 2: we wake up to see 3 boys under a tree, each shivering. Mr Speers tells them that they were warned! We are off to the kitchen and shovel down breakfast and prepare for an awesome day of Taiaha filled with laughs. Day 3: we all woke up tired and completely exhausted to Mr Speers yelling “Get up lazy people, hurry up we‟ve got to pack!” Everyone‟s annoyed and angered at the fact that we have to pack up ALL of our wet and dirty clothes and shove them in our damp bags ready to stack onto the bus! We wait there patiently for the other group of year 10s. As we see them coming we start doing the Taiaha. The other group looked scared and we like it so we made them more scared by yelling even louder and stared even more. After that Mannie does some Taiaha and we Powhiri the second group onto Old Mac‟s Farm. After that we gave the group a hongi. Overall it was a very good camp with heaps of laughs. By Olivia Russell and Amy White. Photos supplied by Jonty Perritt