2017 NCEA Academic Colours


During week 6 we gathered, students, teachers, staff, parents and whānau for a most wonderful celebration of our 2017 NCEA Academic Colours. In the Colours Assembly we particularly focus on the students in Level 1 and 2 who gained merit endorsement or excellent endorsement in their NCEA 2017 with the presentation of certificates. We have evidenced outstanding academic achievement at all year levels and were pleased to acknowledge and celebrate our level 3 academic achievement. As a school community we congratulate each and every student on their academic achievement in 2017. Our teachers, staff and parents have played an enormous part in each student’s success and we thank all of you for your commitment and dedication throughout the year.In 2017, 93.8% of Garin students achieved Level 1 NCEA compared to 89.7% for other decile NZ 8-10 schools. 94.7% of Garin students gained level 2 NCEA compared with 92.8% in other NZ decile 8 - 10 schools. 63% of Garin students passed NCEA level 3, with excellence and/or merit, compared with 53.8% for NZ decile 8-10 schools. We celebrated the success of our students who gained a total of 12 Scholarships including 2 outstanding scholarships in 2017.