Year 9 Journey Camp


We arrived at Whenua iti camp during week 3 a little nervous but at the same time looking forward to all the activities we were due to participate in. On the first day, our group started by doing the flying kiore (rat) on the big tower where we were pulled up by our classmates and could hang upside down and it was lots of fun. Then we did the high ropes and we had to trust our teammates as they were belaying us we climbed up about a 10 meter ladder and then balanced and walked our way across the platforms and beam which was at times nerve racking. The trapeze saw us jump off a wooden post way up high attached to a harness and our teammates would pull a rope saving us from falling to the ground - it was cool. The next day at Kaiteriteri we had raft building, our raft was made in an x type shape with bamboo and rope to support it. Then the kayaking began it was a bit of a windy day so we all took turns riding the waves .The day was hot but lots of fun and it was enjoyable to be in the water. Food was great and the evening reflections allowed to get closer to the people around us. A highlight for me was getting to know other people. On behalf of all the year 9‟s, we‟d just like to thank all the staff the teachers and parents for paying and providing a great week out.