Year 13 Journey Camp


On the 7th of February, at 8 o’clock in the morning, all of the Year 13’s set off to Marahau for our last camp, equal parts nervous and excited. This camp was the ―summit‖ of our time at Garin, the one in which we worked towards becoming the leaders who the rest of the school look up to. Placed into groups with, often, people we didn’t know well, the ice began to break as we began our activities, of which there was a wide variety. They ranged from on-the-water activities, such as building a raft (which more often than not fell apart) and kayaking to Split Apple Rock, to team-building games which tested our communication and problem-solving, to practical bush adventures such as Search and Rescue at Tinline Bay and constructing a rope and pulley-system to get our team safely across the river. Perhaps the most beneficial activity for us as growing leaders was the Solo - one hour, alone, a time to reflect and write a letter to ourselves in six months time. The variety certainly made things interesting, but these activities all had one thing in common - they brought us ever-closer as a team. The peace we felt when coming back together as a year group each evening for Liturgy was palpable - and this time was vital for reflecting back on what we learned throughout our busy days. We were all a little disappointed when the three days were up, and after completing our last challenge, we piled back onto the buses. Sunburnt, a little sleep-deprived, but very, very satisfied, we watched Marahau disappear into the distance, ready to put our newfound leadership skills to the test of Year 13.