This has been an exciting start to the year as Matua Simon Pimm unveiled and explained the significance and meaning of the whakairo (painted decorative pattern) affixed on our Wharenui Te Rongoā o Aotearoa to our students, staff and community. Father Bill Warwick blessed the whakairo in the afternoon. We thank Matua Simon for his vision, creativity and determination in the planning, designing, painting and assembly of the Whakairo. We are proud of our students who spent many hours preparing and painting the detail and patterns. We are also extremely thankful to Mr Russell Maxwell and Mr Ken Williams for their support of the project through their tireless work and energy in engineering, manufacturing and affixing the whakairo to the building. The story of our tangata whenua, our Catholic whānau including our founding Principal John Boyce are encapsulated within the visual imagery and pattern presented within the whakairo.