Ancestor Antics


Year 13 Biology students spent time in Term 4 exploring what life was like for their hominin ancestors. Some tried their hand at skinning and butchering prey scavenged from another predator [a big thank you to Michael O’Regan for shooting the hares]. Tools used to prepare the food ranged from Oldowan choppers to more advanced Mousterian ‘knives’ manufactured in an earlier lesson.  Making musical instruments from bamboo and sculpting Venus figurines kept several others busy. Making fire proved problematic but not for the want of trying - dogged determination was shown by several budding hominins but in the end they opted for a flint [courtesy of Kathmandu]. They then cooked and ate the choice cuts of hare. Once again the Dangerous Goods store walls received a makeover with some stunning cave paintings using charcoal, blood, internal organs and juice from berries - all with varying degrees of success.