Adventure Racing


Three Garin College Adventure Racing teams have just competed at the New Zealand Secondary School 12 Hour Adventure Race in Napier. Winners are calculated by all members of a teams completing a variety of courses and tasks utilizing fitness, navigation and team work. Points are deducted for late teams. The race started at 5.30am involving a 17 Km Rogaine over steep hills. The teams needed to navigate over unfamiliar terrain in the dark. After completing this task, a series of activities were set up within 4km of the transition point. This included three high ropes, five puzzles, two group activities, a kayak course and an orienteering course. The race concluded with a 6 km trek across a saddle and ravines followed by a 32 km mountain bike ride over a graded trail. Garin Colleges' Mixed team of two boys (Ben Price and Josiah Martin) and two girls (Julia Froeling and Sophia Kersten) came a creditable 2nd place in their division gaining a score of 4450 points. They only missed 150 points early in the rogaine missing three marks in the dark. They were well placed with the trek and mountain bike left. However, a wrong direction was taken in the ravine losing the team 30 minutes while they regained their position. The team needed to hustle through the last section finishing with 15 seconds to spare and cementing their 2nd position. Captain Julia demonstrated her prowess in solving problem crediting their success to great teamwork. Garin’s other two teams also finished creditably gaining a great experience from their adventures.