Year 10 Journey Camp


The year 10 Journey camp was an interesting experience for us all. The weather forecast wasn’t looking great with the tail end of cyclone Debbie approaching but the staff at Whenua Iti were able to lift our spirits with their enthusiasm and expertise and make it the most enjoyable experience possible. We were based at the Marahau Outdoor Education Centre over the 3 days, spending the time learning and developing our knowledge and interest about the Maori culture. Day 1 of Journey was really empowering, we were welcomed onto the premises during a powhiri and we spent the rest of the day learning about several aspects of the Maori culture; kaimoana, taiaha and haka. The second day we went to Kaiteriteri and learnt about the significance of the waka in Maori history, we were humbled to be taught by the Waka Ama defending world champions. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate that day so we were unable to spend as much time in the waka as anticipated. So after having lunch on the beautiful Kaiteriteri beach we decided to practice and sharpen our skills with the taiaha. We found that the second day of camp was the most productive and was most enjoyed by the Garin students. Day 3 was very laid back. After having another awesome breakfast we practiced a bit more of our taiaha and haka for the powhiri where we would present our skills to the other camp group that would be arriving that day. There was a definite buzz of awe as the other camp group witnessed the presentation of the powerful haka and taiaha and when we shared breath with our school mates praise was passed down the line. After the powhiri we set off up the Abel Tasman walking track. The Abel Tasman is a beautiful place and we would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys going out and experiencing the outdoors that they walk this track. Once we made it to our destination we slipped off the shoes and made our way back along the beach. This was a great time for us stroll and socialise with each other and form a stronger relationship with our school mates. Once back at the camp the energy in the camp started to wind down as we packed our things for the ride back. Year 10 camp will definitely not be one to forget. We definitely felt we learnt a lot on the camp and we came back excited to share the knowledge of the Maori culture that we gathered from the camp with others.