Year 13 Biology Field Trip - Wellington Zoo


Thursday 6th April Year 13 Biology students, accompanied by Leanne Reiha and Kathryn Walker, travelled to Wellington to study animal behavior and primate and human evolution at the Wellington Zoo. On arrival in Wellington most students visited Te Papa, taking in some of the exhibits and then heading off to check out the shops, catch up with YCL students and find dinner. Catching the bus to the zoo SHOULD have been simple but the driver quoted health and safety, said the group was too large to fit on the bus, still full of commuters at the end of the day AND SO only 9 lucky people went straight to the zoo, did not pass go and did not collect $200 – thanks to Leanne for keeping an eye out for these students. Frantic phone calls ensued where it was discovered that was the last bus on that route for the evening AND SO the rest of us ran, with our bags IN ORDER TO catch a bus from another bus stop – quick talking by Kathryn convinced this driver he really did want to take us at least in the general direction of the zoo. We lugged our bags down two streets and about 6 flights of stairs over the Berhampore hill to finally arrive, about 15 minutes late at the zoo. Briefed and ready for a night tour, with just one stowaway, we left the Archbold Centre and ventured out on a night tour – taking in the kitchens where meals for some 600 animals are prepared, lots of sinister eyes, a rather unimpressed, yet still magnificent, giraffe, Tahi the one-legged kiwi and a tuatara but hey, been there, done that! After supper some sleep was had, despite card games, snoring teachers and people who talk in their sleep. Up and breakfasted early, the dawn chorus of territorial display by the gibbons was almost drowned out by the vacuum cleaner – thanks Michael and Dom. Dishes done, cheers to Grace and her helpers, we headed out for a walk, met a legless lizard with an unpronounceable Eastern European name -ask Sean, he loves snakes! The guide was fantastic and very knowledgeable as were the tutors who delivered lessons about Human Evolution in the classroom, and on Animal Behaviour out and about in the zoo. There were snippets of free time where you could get a hot drink and check out the pygmy marmosets in Mojo‘s café. After the chimps had lunch, we left to get lunch in the city, got asked to move on while checking out Parliament Buildings, and at pm met up to catch the bus to the ferry. We all owe a huge vote of thanks to Leanne Reiha for stepping into the breach at the last minute and for all her help. As always the students were all awesome and a delight to spend time with – you made all the preparation worthwhile. Can‘t wait for the next trip ☺