Year 11 Journey Camp


Y11 Camp up on Canon Downs was a marvelous experience for all involved, although it was so strange camping in front of the main stage of a music festival site. Students struggled with the early starts each day, and composting toilets and cold showers were also challenging but the environment was great up on the hill. Mr Dewhurst enjoyed waking us up at the crack of dawn with ‗Morning has broken‘ and kept us in order when we were not on activities. We were involved in 4 activities; Navigation around ‗Harwood‘s Hole‘, Rock climbing, Mountain biking and Caving. These activities required us to work as a team and offered a range of challenges but as the weather was perfect we loved the experiences. Whenua Iti did an excellent job organising the camp keeping it safe and taking every participant into account. They also provided a great range of food which was healthy and tasted great. I found the experience personally challenging but rewarding. Some students faced fears and phobias but with the support of staff and peers we all came through stronger and more confident. It was certainly an experience and a half and a great opportunity to bond with those who you would not normally cross paths with at school. As journey camps go, I think this one was one of the best.