Year 9 Journey Camp


Last week the Year nines had all their first Journey camp at Whenua iti Outdoors. The camp is focused on helping kids to grow in friendship, trustworthiness, self-esteem and independence. The 3-day long camp has activities such as kayaking, raft building, trapeze, team lifting and the high ropes. We helped prepare and clean up meals, with other groups helping out with toilet cleaning responsibility (much to their displeasure.) Whenua iti really did a great job pushing the kids out of their comfort zone, and their face after they conquer the challenges is pretty special. Personally, Whenua iti has pushed the limit of what I thought I could do. On the high ropes, you climbed up not sure of yourself, and came down wanting to do it all again. The trust we gained on the camp was huge. I’ve gotten to know my new class a lot, and trust them, in some cases, with my life. At the end of each day, we reflected on what we’d done, how we’d grown, and what we going to try and achieve the next day. Overall it was a great camp, and I am really looking forward to the Journey program next year. 

By Josh Hall