NZ AquaBots - 2016


Three teams of Garin students competed in the 2016 ROV challenge this week and all did very well! There is an incredible amount of problem solving needed to successfully build and control an ROV (remotely operated vehicles) and these teams worked very hard to ensure that they could compete this past weekend. Team Black Shark (Lila Adams, John Noble, and Josiah Cranness) scored first in 'Invasive Species Removal and Identification' and second place in 'Critter Retrieval'. Team Hammer (Orrin HawkesCroft and Nikau Dix) placed second in Critter Retrieval' and third in 'Obstacle Course'. The third team of Piper Webb, Isaiah Jessop, and Sam Tough also placed very well! Thank you to all the senior students who helped make the event possible. Julia Froeling, Molly Inman, Harry Woodyear-Smith, Hannah Pressman, Adam Currie and Laurens Noordover-you are amazing!