Year 9 Cells Assignment


The Year 9 Living Things topic is assessed by an assignment in which the students make a 3D model of a specialised plant or animal cell of their choice and support their model with explanations about the cell organelles and by discussing the links between the shape of their cell and its function. Most students choose to build their models from polystyrene and objects you might find at home. However some use cakes [bought sponges or home baked butter cakes] or jelly with lollies or a programme called SketchUp:

Root hair cell made with SketchUp by emma flanagan

WBC made with SketchUp by logan mccrae

Sperm cell made with SketchUp by Mika Varvoda

Below you can see lots of photos of the cells the students made and also links to the 3 SketchUp models made by students in 9T and 9S.