Level 1 English Language


Subject: EL

Level: Year 11

Code: EL1

Year 11

Entry Requirements: As specified by Director of International Students NCEA Internal credits will be selected from the following list:

Course Description: An individualised course in English for speakers of other languages, designed to meet the needs of each student.

US 27996 Write basic texts in very familiar topics (EL), v2, L1, 8 credits

US 27998 Complete basic forms on familiar topics (EL), v2, L1, 4 credits

US 27982 Read and understand basic texts on very familiar topics (EL), v2, L1, 8 credits

US 27987 Respond to very basic spoken instructions (EL Foundation), v2, L1, 8 credits

US 27988 Participate in basic spoken personal exchanges (EL), v2, L1, 10 credits