Level 1 Drama


Subject: Drama Level 1

Level: Year 11

Code: DRA1

Entry Guidelines: Preferably Year 10 Dance/Drama

Course Description:

Students explore the elements of theatre, theatre styles, improvisation, and drama techniques to create devised and scripted performance. There is a focus on live performance, and the interaction between audience and performer. They make judgements about how their own and others work, communicates meaning.

For dance enthusiasts, the course offers a dance standard which focuses on the performance of a selection of dance genres. Theatre visits and specialist workshops with performing arts practitioners are an integral part of the course.

Future Pathways:


Contribution: $25 to cover guest tutors, a theatre visit and productions

Achievement Standards

AS 90006 Int 4 Cr - Apply drama techniques in a dramatic context

AS 90997 Int 5 Cr - Devise and perform a drama

AS 90858 Int 6 Cr - Perform dance sequences

AS 90009 Int 5 Cr - Perform an acting role in a scripted production.

AS 90011 Ext 4 Cr - Demonstrate understanding of the use of drama aspects within live performance. Ext 4 credits

AS 90999 Int 4 Cr Use features of a drama or theatre form in performance