Financial donation to your child's education

14/06/2018 (6 days ago)

Estimated donation towards stationery and materials

Dear Parents and Caregivers

The Education Act 1989 gives the right to free enrolment and free education in New Zealand for every New Zealand resident from the age of 5 to 18 years.

Unfortunately, the funding received by schools only provides for the very basic curriculum delivery. We pride ourselves by offering enhanced learning opportunities for all students, but to make this happen we rely on your contributions. These contributions are outlined in the school course/options booklet (see the link at the foot of this page) and are on the stationery lists.

Your donation should be claimed annually as a tax credit using the Inland Revenue form IR526. The college will provide you with a contribution statement in April each year. We strongly encourage you to claim the 33% tax rebate for your donation to the education of your son or daughter.

Item Your donation ($)
Year 9 Stationery  120-150 
Year 10 Stationery  200.00
Year 11 Stationery  250.00
Year 12 Stationery  250.00
Year 13 Stationery  250.00
Journey Programme (Estimate) 200-300

Voluntary Donations 

(We strongly encourage you to claim the 33% tax rebate for these contributions.)

Parent Partnership Donation
($100 per person or $150 per family)
These funds are used for various curricular based activities at the school eg resources across all faculties.
Garin College Education Trust Donation
($150 per person or $175 per family)
The Garin College Education Trust has requested that the College collect donations on its behalf to be employed for the purpose of funding minor capital improvements here at the College.  The extension of the uniform shop, the modernisation and extension of the Canteen, the installation of solar panels and seating for students have all been completed using these funds.
Club Garin Donations ($15 per term)
Club Garin supports extra curricular activities eg Sports equipment, musical instruments, competition entries and registration fees, library equipment, and vehicles.

Compulsory Fee (paid directly to the Diocese)

Attendance Dues 955.00

Transport from Nelson (if required)

Garin Express bus service (for full year)
This is charged $200 per term for
terms 1-3 and $120 for term 4

Financial Hardship

Sometimes family circumstances change. If you find yourself unable to contribute to the costs above, please come in and talk to either: Head Teacher or  Business Manager. The College can often access funds and trusts to support families in need.