Are You Eligible to Enrol?


Garin is a Catholic school – and we are legally restricted to 67 students who are not Catholic.

"Preference" is a legal term – not a religious term. It is a technical word used in the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975 . “Preference of enrolment” is normally given to students …

  • who either have been baptised as Catholic (or is preparing to become Catholic), or
  • who have a brother or sister baptised as a Catholic, or
  • who have one or both parents who were baptised into the Catholic Church

… but there are other criteria sometimes used.

  • a church-going Catholic grandparent or other significant Catholic adult in the student’s life undertakes to support the student, or
  • one of the student’s parents or guardians is preparing to become Catholic

We don't decide preference. You will need to make an appointment with your local parish priest - only a parish priest can decide preference.

If you would to see how that affects your family, please contact our Head Teacher John Maguire, or our Enrolment Officer Shona Erasmuson.

Head Teacher John Maguire is always happy to meet families considering Garin for their secondary schooling, or wishing to discuss their preference (or non-preference) situation. Just phone the school, or email for an appointment or a paper copy of our prospectus.

You can see our Prospectus through the link at the bottom of the page.